How it all started

Jennie Ma created maoneworld connecting her portfolio of global clients to seekers of artful-living gems. 

Formerly in the fashion industry for 16 years originating in Hong Kong started as a clothing designer, then in manufacturing, advertising & marketing, retail, branding, and subsequently brand licensing. The latter 8 years between 1994-2002 in business development for ELLE magazine licensing division where she was responsible to grow the brand for fashion & lifestyle products in Southeast Asia that led to her relocating to New York City for North America business development 24 years ago.

Since 2003 Jennie has been in luxury residential real estate in New York City and in her 19th year to date with the city's leading residential agency, The Corcoran Group

Jennie's core business is in luxury residential real estate however, due to her international business exposure it naturally shifted several years ago to consultation for private clients. From a branding perspective, the service she provides focuses on strategic planning, implementation, marketing & sales. She also began installing art in some private homes for sale to enhance the appeal of her client's unfurnished residence.  Which she uncovered a newfound direction that has organically transformed into curating art in new condominium properties in collaboration with artists of different mediums and curators. She has since been producing 'Art+RealEstate with a Higher Purpose' experiential events in New York City. 

"Collaboration has become essential and key in the evolution of doing business today, a conscious collective creation. The concept of collaboration is to form experiential value that is beneficial to beyond all parties involved in a project.  Col-lab-ora-tion =  Collective, Experiential, Expression, Creation.” - Jennie Ma



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Podcast photo credit: Grace E.G., Foreign Look Magazine