New York City Exhibit Feb-Mar 2019
Mirage Canyon 20
Mirage Himalaya 9
AKASA 151, 141

Gemstone Painter

Fareen Butt Art

Fareen Butt is an American/ Canadian artist of Indo-Persian decent who has been painting all her life. 

She began to incorporate gemstones and minerals into her paintings in the year 2000, further refining

the philosophy behind the work, and the gems and minerals that are used in the works for over 17 years.

The gems and minerals have an intrinsic vibration quality about them that have been identified through

the science of cymatics and spiritual texts.

There is also the primary influence of the Vedas and secondary influence of converging numerologies as identified by the Kabbalah, the Fibonacci Sequence, and the I Ching.  

Fareen’s artworks are entirely unique in that they are made out of crushed minerals and gemstones,

as well as other unique and rare geological elements such as meteorites, fossils, and naturally occurring purple gold. 

In purest essence, the works visually capture the algorithms of the Cosmos. 

maoneworld is deeply honored to have succeeded two installations for Fareen Butt Art in Manhattan, New York City in February 2019 and April 2018. 


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2019 February 28, Lunar New Year of the Pig + Fareen Butt Art Opening Event

2019 Feb & March at Manhattan View at MiMa

2018 April-June Exhibition at 21E12 Sales Gallery

Reception on May 3, 2018

Installation day, April 13, 2018

Available Residences at Collaborating Properties for the Installations

Manhattan View at MiMa, 460 West 42nd Street, New York City - 2/28/19 event night residences

Manhattan View at MiMa, 460 West 42nd Street, New York City - other residences

21 East 12th Street New Condominium, Greenwich Village, New York City 

Note: contact us via email should you wish to learn more about the properties or to schedule a private tour. 


Mirage Series

The works are of abstracted landscapes. The chosen landscapes are places are breathtaking feats of Nature's beauty.
They are also rendered as sacred by Humanity's many belief systems of the world. Locations include the Grand Canyon, Mount Sinai, the Sierras, and the Himalayas. 
Expressed through the solid, exceptional medium of gemstones and precious metals, the works embody the opulent existence
of Permanence and Omnipresence found to permeate from these landscapes.

The Akasa Series

The works has 121,393 pointillist brush strokes, a Fibonacci number, and 610 gemstones embedded into it.

121,393 reduces to 1, the number of the very first creative force to exist and indestructible, omnipresent and eternal. 
610 reduces to 7, the number of Divinely Perfect Completion.

It suggests a solid unity and good fortune for business and personal relationships. 

Finally, the piece is 5 x 5 ft, or 25 sq ft. 25 reduces to 7 (see above).
5 suggests good fortune through leadership qualities.

It signifies material success through balanced and ethical means, Paternal Divine energy of material sustenance, protection and strength. 

Akasa 141